Cannot see other computers on network

If you cannot find networked computers by name but can see them by IP:

1a) Command Line: NET VIEW (will show other computers on the MS/Samba network)

1) Ping the machine by name or IP:

  • Windows: Start > Run > Type: cmd.exe
  • ping

2) View all of the computers on your workgroup (or domain) net view /domain:MSHOME (mshome is the default workgroup name if you haven’t changed it)

Some computers may be on a different workgroup you may not be able to see them, in Computer->Properties->Workgroup you can change this to have all of your computers on the same workgroup.

2b) How to show all computer shares -> Net view \computername , you can see all of your shared folders for each computer on the network by typing it’s name at the end of that command. To find the name of each Samba share (windows share) use the command in step 2).

3) Use Netstat to find all ports already being used and whether your ports are open:


netstat -ano

Mac / Linux:

netstat -an

Choose another port if something is already listed under the number you’ve selected.

If you still cannot access a computers port, make sure to set up port forwarding for in your firewall/router for that port and that computer’s IP, as well.

If you need to open a port:

Configure Port Forwarding

To enable port forwarding on your router for incoming connections on the port you need there is some great information about port forwarding including tutorials for various router makes and models at

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