Hard faults/sec on Windows are not hard drive errors like you may think!

Hard faults per second is just not having the info you need cached in RAM.

Don’t worry, Hard faults per second on Windows are not hard drive errors like you may think. They are simple pagefile accesses instead of RAM access.

Hard faults/sec in Windows 7 Resource Manager – too many?

You may see from 0 to more than 100 and it’s actually ok…well if you’re getting more than 50 or so, you’re system is running much slower than it can and most likely rattling the heck out of your hard drive.


  • More ram
  • Less hoggy programs running at once (easy to do with the new bloated software suites) just run the older lean and fast ones you remember and like if you can.
  • Look in windows resource manager, find the memory hog and replace it with either an upgrade, downgrade, or another program. (Like I replace Adobe Reader with Foxit Reader which helps for memory use and security improvements)
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Apache httpd.conf – ServerSignature Off ServerTokens Prod

To supress apache returning information about itself in the response headers add these 2 lines to httpd.conf:

ServerSignature Off
ServerTokens Prod

This can be done with WHM without editing the httpd.conf file:
Main >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration