Ubuntu default login password

When you first start a live cd:

Username: Ubuntu

Password: nothing

Literally, don’t type a password and just click the login.

If you want to stay logged in and not have to sudo all over the place:

Ubuntu Live CD root password

Mouse keeps bringing computer out of standby – when I don’t want it to

The clue: Dos prompt -> powercfg lastwake

The Problem:

Even though I had my nice new Logitech M325 mouse set to not “Allow this device to wake the computer” (unchecked), it still would wake up my laptop. This is dangerous!

The range on these mice are incredible and if you put your laptop into standby in a bag with the micro USB receiver always plugged in, as I do, you can accidentally bring your laptop to life. Possibly not for long with the heat factor of running inside a backpack…

The Solution:

Device Manager->Mice and other pointing devices->HID-compliant mouse->Power Management (tab) uncheck “Allow this device to wake the computer”.

Also the keyboard HID device must be disabled from the wake up call! (not your keyboard, that still wakes up my computer, as it should be)

Device Manager->Keyboards->HID-Keyboard Device->Power Management (tab) uncheck “Allow this device to wake the computer”.

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DNS propagation – how long does it take for a domain to change to the new server?

The Domain Name record “propagates” as fast or slow as your TTL (time to live) setting is on your A record.

Propagation is not technically correct. It’s cached for the amount of seconds for TTL.

86,400 = 1 day (long)

14,400 = 5 hours (typical)

300 = 5 minutes (short)

Getting ready to change servers? Change it to 300, but remember to set it longer after you’re done.

Don’t want to mess with it? Set it at 14400 (no commas!)

Watch your DNS record (domain name) propagate around the world

There is a DNS cache on your local computer too, to clear it on windows ipconfig /flushdns

If your computer’s DNS server is OpenDNS, you can clear the Master OpenDNS domain name cache here.