Google SEO tricks – blackhat

BG (before google) these were powerful tricks to cheat your way to the top quickly
Avoid SEO solicitors and companies who use these:

  • Bulk website submissions to hundreds of search engine.
  • Meta Tag Keyword work. (google was the first to ignore these)
  • Reciprocal linking to non-pertinent websites. (it’s actually good to reciprocal link on a slow steady basis to sister sites)
  • Hiding stuffed keywords. (don’t hide white text on white pages)
  • Cloaking pages which are really a bait and switch routine, a smart website which offers a different page to a robot than the one a human would get.
  • Access to link farms. (huge pages with links, sometimes they show up on unclaimed domain names)
  • Duplicate websites pointing to one, or duplicate pages. (there is a way to have more than one domain name forward to another, one could be SEO focused and the other could be human readable, the SEO focused one would permanently redirect to the other)
  • Doorway pages which are created to quickly forward a visitor to another page. The text on the first page is optimized to get a high ranking but not for humans.
  • Keyword stuffing, it’s a black box secret at google labs how many times you can get away with saying the same words on the same page, several are fine. Also keyword density plays a part in this algorithm.

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