Reset code for your ipod classic and ipod video

Press and hold the Menu and Center buttons for a few seconds until the apple shows on the screen and lights up. (top of scroll wheel and center button).

If it continually shows an apple but doesn’t quite light up, your battery is probably flat. This is good! Just recharge for awhile and consider trying a dedicated power adapter instead of a USB port. This has happened to me more than once where the USB port could not supply enough power to charge the ipod.

Ipod Classic 5th gen with 250 Gig hard drive replacement

Yes, 1/4 Terabyte in my hand 😉

This drive fits in the ipod classic, both physically and electrically with no modifications:

Item Title:Toshiba 240GB 1.8″ Hard Drive MK2431GAH


  • There’s a physical limitation with the interface (from what I read) that doesn’t allow this drive to work with the newer ipod video 6th gen.
  • There’s a file number limitation due to the amount of RAM in the ipod which may make it run slow or choke if you’re running around 40,000 songs. I don’t have this problem because I’m running 125 Gigs, with many books and some videos, so the number of files will not get this high even if my 1/4 terbayte ipod is full.
  • no iphone or ipod touch. Not even possible because they don’t contain a hard drive. Even a year later after my upgrade, they still max out at 1/4 the storage of my ipod.

PS. This was a forced upgrade because the ipod dropped and the drive crashed. Another example of a perceived “problem” becoming an “opportunity” 😉

I love the ipod classic because I can run it in my pocket and while driving, it doesn’t require your eyeball attention. In this case I put a stick on dot in the middle of the scroll wheel, so I can feel my way around and run the unit without looking. Handheld touch screen devices can be a disadvantage and a safety concern if you like to listen to music and books while driving.