Find temporary files in OS X


When a backup volume is not mounted, Time Machine has saved hourly snapshots to /Volumes/MobileBackups/ on laptops since 10.7. They are deleted automatically when you start running out of disk space though.

/private/var/folders/ can contain partially downloaded files or files for applications that have been removed. du -sm /private/var/folders/*/*/*/*/ | sort -rn sorts the folders by size.

~/Library/Autosave Information/ can contain old unsaved documents.

~/Library/Caches/ Previews/ was about 700 GB on my installation of 10.7. defaults write DebugSnapshotsUpdatePolicy -int 2 disables saving the thumbnails.

Safari saves the contents of websites and plain text files to ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/History/.

If hibernatemode is 3, /var/vm/sleepimage takes up the same amount of disk space as the amount of RAM you have.

/Library/Developer/ wasn’t removed when I installed Xcode 4.3. It contained about 2GB of old docset files.

A good way to find large files is to sort files by size in list view after checking calculate all sizes in the view options. You can show hidden files with defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true; killall Finder.

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OSX86 Tips

OSX86 tips:

Trackpad Tap:
Problem:  Trackpad tap not working.
Fix: Put computer into sleep then it works after waking up.

Boot cannot find
If something goes wrong usually you don’t get the full 1280×800 resolution. You can fix that just adding to configuration file (did you remember the time-out for boot menu?) these new lines:

* <key>Graphics Mode</key>
* <string>1024x600x32</string>

You should have something like this:

<plist version=”1.0″>
<key>Kernel Flags</key>
<key>Quiet Boot</key>
<key>Graphics Mode</key>
<key>Boot Graphics</key>

NOTE: Before you reboot the system, remember to repair the privileges!

kextHelper (it sets the correct rights and stuff and makes a backup of your replaced kexts).

If ever a kext has your system crashing, not booting or unstable do the following:

Boot into “single user mode” by specifying -s at the boot prompt

Then type: /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / (don’t forget the / at the end!!)

Then erase the offending kext(s) with the backup(s) (example of AppleIntelGMA950 kext) cp -R /Backup Extensions/AppleIntelGMA950.kext/ /System/Library/Extensions/ rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext

Reboot with the -f option

OSX86 9 step install guide:

Uses bootloader from Windows 7 after installing OS X to repair the boot sector, with Diskpart commands. Then adding OS X to windows boot menu while inside windows.

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