Don’t let your laptop overheat in your backpack!

If your laptop wakes from standby inside your bag or backpack, it will likely overheat and possibly self destruct. Even if it survives, this takes life away from your hard drive and motherboard by getting so hot!

It cannot ventilate when running inside a laptop carrying case.

Laptop overheating causes:

Cause 1: USB mouse with nano receiver plugged in, when you get anywhere near the laptop, like putting it in your pack and lifting it from your desk to go out, it already is coming out of standby if your mouse isn’t completely disabled.

There’s a bug in windows settings that still allows the mouse to wake up the computer out of standby even if you have it set to not allow the device to wake up the computer.

Read this to make fix the USB mouse still bringing the laptop out of standby.

Cause 2: Plugged intake vent on the bottom, if you lay your laptop on a blanket or on your lap, make sure you know where your intake vent is and be mindful to keep it open to breathe air. Usually the exhaust is on the side or the back and is harder to block, plus you’ll feel a hot spot if you do plug it.

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