Filter yourself out of Google analytics

To not count yourself in your google analytics reports.

1) Filter your own IP by finding your external IP address, then in Analytics->Filter Manager (bottom right)->Create New Filter->Name it, set to “Exclude all trafffic from an IP address”, use your external IP or better yet use a range of IPs close to yours (if you have a dynamic IP, which most people have)->Name your filter something like “me filtered out”.

You can calculate your range of IPs using Regular Expressions (Regex) on this page at google.
If your IP is Then after adding the whole block from 1 to 255:

2) You need to add a new website profile in analytics:
Analytics Settings->Add Website Profile->Add a Profile for an existing domain->Name the profile something like “ with me filtered out”->Finish (button)

3) You need to add your filter to a website profile in analytics:
While viewing all of your “Website Profiles”, Click the “Edit” text to the far right of the new one you created and named (me filtered out)->Click the “Add Filter” text->Apply existing Filter to Profile->Click your filter->Click “Add” (button)->Click “Save Changes (button).

Your new profile will have 0 visits up to the day you added the new profile. So your previous numbers of visits do not transfer to your new profile. From now on your new profile will have lower numbers than the original profile because the new profile doesn’t count your visits any more and the old one still counts everything.

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