Ipod Classic 5th gen with 250 Gig hard drive replacement

Posted on April 8, 2012 by admin.
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Yes, 1/4 Terabyte in my hand ;-)

This drive fits in the ipod classic, both physically and electrically with no modifications:

Item Title:Toshiba 240GB 1.8″ Hard Drive MK2431GAH


  • There’s a physical limitation with the interface (from what I read) that doesn’t allow this drive to work with the newer ipod video 6th gen.
  • There’s a file number limitation due to the amount of RAM in the ipod which may make it run slow or choke if you’re running around 40,000 songs. I don’t have this problem because I’m running 125 Gigs, with many books and some videos, so the number of files will not get this high even if my 1/4 terbayte ipod is full.
  • no iphone or ipod touch. Not even possible because they don’t contain a hard drive. Even a year later after my upgrade, they still max out at 1/4 the storage of my ipod.

PS. This was a forced upgrade because the ipod dropped and the drive crashed. Another example of a perceived “problem” becoming an “opportunity” ;-)

I love the ipod classic because I can run it in my pocket and while driving, it doesn’t require your eyeball attention. In this case I put a stick on dot in the middle of the scroll wheel, so I can feel my way around and run the unit without looking. Handheld touch screen devices can be a disadvantage and a safety concern if you like to listen to music and books while driving.

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Comment on May 16th, 2012.

I think your amazing. I like your increased HD upgrade. Opportunity from tragedy.

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