Nikola Tesla museum is a go!

For a man who had many more inventions than patents, over 276 documented patents are in his name!

Tesla invented the AC motor and had something more than 10 variations patented within the first couple years. They are still in use today as many of our most efficient motors, like the shaded pole induction motor.

Nikola Tesla’s name is on 13 of the 19 patents on the generators which first harnessed hydroelectric power at Niagra Falls, which he saw a postcard of when he was a kid in what’s now Croatia.

The power grid in the US is just as he invented it over 100 years ago, 60 Hz AC transformer boosted. He also suggested 50 Hz in Europe because of less transmission line distance, which is what it is to this day.

He outdid all of that with the pinnacle of technology at his super lab in Long Island New York called Wardenclyff. The wireless transmission tower reached 185 feet in the air and the facility below the laboratory had super duper grounding for that tower, which still reaches 120 feet into the ground.

That facility was shut down, then the tower was dynamited during the war, but the lab and the incredible below foundation connections are still there! This is finally coming back into the fold thanks to  Tesla lovers and disciples from all over the world.

We have matched and exceeded our contribution to buy the facility back and are now working on restoration money. You too can donate and become part of this historic turnaround to the positive direction!

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