Google SEO tips – whitehat

SEO Tips and tricks simplified to get highly ranked by google and other search engines:

  • Make your website keyword focused so that popular keyphrases appear in the URL, Title and H1 tags.
  • Content should be relevant to why the visitor is on that particular page.
  • Write or get a copy writer to create Search Engine Friendly content.
  • Arrange for relevant inbound links, they should summarize what’s on your page, not just “click here” (
  • Check your anchor text that the links target for relevancy.
  • Make your popular keyphrases very close to what you see in your analytics for search terms, add more and refine them.
  • Utilize deep linking by having pages that attract traffic, like a recipe page on a ecommerce food website.
  • Use alt tags for all images and treat them like extra opportunities to stuff keywords without going blackhat.
  • Do a check of your total website indexed (site: and if it’s not, create a sitemap which has all of your pages in simple links so you are sure the search engines can find every one by spidering.
  • Optimize your title tags, short and sweet, every word maximally relevant to that page’s purpose.
  • Write and submit articles and press releases which mention and link to your other pages, this is link sculpting. You bring in traffic and flow it to the pages you want. In the link to the page use the keyphrase for that page. Check your analytics and send your incoming keyphrases to the page you want to get the action for each one.
  • Submit an XML sitemap of your website to the search engines, if your website changes or products change, make it an automated XML feed.
  • Make all changes look natural and do them steadily and gradually.
  • Freshen up your website with regularity, both search engines and people sense this, a stale website becomes a backwater.

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