What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means to build and edit a website so that it will be discovered by search engines and the content on the page is written and organized to be the most relevant it can be to what the searcher is looking for.

Organic Search Results are the usual source of search engine traffic which often comes from being listed on the first page of ten hits.

Adwords search results are the couple search results to the top in a light color called “sponsored” and the row to the right in google also sponsored in google. They are competitely bidded on and are worthwhile, however organic should always come first and adwords are optional if the budget allows.

Not only is the number of your “hit” on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) important, but what it blurts out in it’s short title and summary and even the link matter. These are the items that may compel the searcher to click yours even though it’s a lower hit number. Be aware that if you attracted them with specific text, then look at the page it links to and make sure your page speaks to that. This is called “relevancy”.

Keyphrase Research and Intelligence:

Your keywords and your keyphrases are your lure to the whole world. When it comes to search engines, you won’t even get a chance to show dazzling content if you haven’t succeeded in attracting attention. It’s almost imitating mating behaviour in life these days, the peacock has a short and distinctive call to attract through a forest of trees in order to get you close enough to see it display it’s most dazzling visual effects.

Keywords are the peacock’s call. Your website may have the feathers and features, but it must attract the attention to be seen.

Your “divining” of what your visitors will type into a search engine to find you is a marvelous sense.

Our “mining” of what they actually do type, combining with divining makes a process. This is the process of keyphrase optimization, it’s not a one time deal, a shot in the dark, or an expert’s guess at what a layman will type.

Every month (or bi-weekly) we deliver a report to you which reveals so many unexpected habits and quirky searches of your visitors. This is real world intelligence, if you are not taking advantage of your analytics data, you are wasting an opportunity presented on your doorstep.

We also have ways of finding out what people searched for and didn’t click on your hit. This can open up a world of unexpected keyphrases that can be folded into your content month by month.

You will have a baseline report, and you will have future reports which show clearly how your traffic is increasing or decreasing.

We can customize the reports to show you how many times your shopping cart was loaded with product but not purchased. This is the process of optimizing “conversions”.

Meta Tags – Titles and Descriptions – Google was the first to ignore the “keyword” Meta Tag:

Meta Tags “keywords”, “description” and “Title” Tags are hidden HTML code that helps describe and classify the content on a web page.Of these “Title” is the most important to getting organic traffic. In fact it’s #2 on the MASTER LIST.

The SERP summary is also very important because this is what humans will see as your blurb next to the other nine on the SERP page, who’s blurb will they click in their 8 second window? Meta Description can come in to play when the SERP page shows your summary, sometimes it’s this Meta Tag and you have direct control over what the search engine puts for your summary. Sometimes you don’t have direct control and have to finesse it with your actual page content. (back to page relevancy, a careful rewording by a top notch copy writer is worth it here)

We focus quickly and clearly on Meta Titles to help your SERP standing in the quickest and least laborious way.

Keyphrase Optimization Service:

Find, fix and fold. Each iteration it gets better and the analytics should show this.

Roll your own:

Have your own copy writers? We will train them. This information is gathered from over 15 years of continuous internet field experience by our founding member and amplified by our bright and sharp new guys and girls.

We want you to look good, it is in our best interest for you to do very, very well and become a testimonial and a reference for what we can do for you. When your website gets traction, you may want to take off your training wheels and be free.

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