What to do with Google Analytics – 5 quick tips:

What to do with Google Analytics:

  • First, you can tell how many people are coming to your website by typing your keyphrases.
  • Second, you can tell what are your most popular pages.
  • Third, see what your traffic looks like and find fortuitous spikes in traffic. These will most certainly have a reason. Drill down on the day and see what keywords came up that day and what were your best referring websites.
  • Fourth, look at the map to see what countries are interested in your content, if you know analytics good enough, you can even see what cities, this is more revealing!
  • Fifth, setup conversion goals and funnels to track your leads. This way you’ll know if your client’s goal has been met and how many times. This could be a shopping cart page, a checkout page, a contact form, or a newsletter signup form.

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